Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Marker – Black / Earth




In 2015 the GTEK was launched, receiving universal acclaim. Powered by its incredible new drivetrain, the Gamma Core, the GTEK massively over-performed from the outset, making it very clear that the Gamma Core was meant for much greater things.
So we bring you the GTEK 160R.
Powered by the revolutionary Gamma Core spool-valve drivetrain, the GTEK 160R is an upper-mid-range marker that pushes the realms of true high-end performance. Boasting an all-metal billet-machined construction, OLED user interface, hose-less air-transfer system (using our tried-and-tested AT-Pipe) and the supreme Gamma Core drivetrain, the GTEK 160R is a genuine game changer.
It offers everything you need to compete at any level, in any format, anywhere on the Planet.
GTEK 160R Features
Gamma Core drivetrain
Quick-release bolt removal
Bespoke solenoid assembly
All-metal aircraft-grade aluminium construction
OLED user interface as standard
LED back-up user interface
SL4 inline regulator
135psi operating pressure
AT-Pipe air transfer system
AT OOPS system
AT POPS upgrade available
2-piece barrel system 14.5” (Shaft 4/5 compatible)
Interchangeable trigger shoe design
Twin micro ball-raced trigger pivot
4-point adjustable trigger
9V battery power source
Dual-density grips
Refined body styling
Deftek offset feed


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