Dye GF Boomstick Barrel – AC – Silver / Silver – 15″ – .688




Released in 2010, the CF Boomstick set the new standard for barrel performance. The CF boomstick is constructed using a proprietary process combining Stainless Steel and Carbon fiber. This unique combination of materials, and DYE’s nearly 20 years of barrel experience has yielded an advanced, performance filled barrel, the most accurate, quite, and efficient barrel available.
Carbon Fiber Structral Wrap
Dye’s innovative Carbon Fiber Structural Wrap, a barrel construction that has set a new standard for lightweight performance in the paintball industry. Exploiting Carbon Fiber’s strength–to–weight ratio enables the CF boomstick to maintain the durability required by the sport’s most aggressive players, without sacrificing even an ounce of extra weight.
Stainless Steel Insert
At the heart of the CF boomstick is a gun drilled, surgical grade, 303 stainless steel insert. Stainless steel has a extremely low coefficient of friction and ultimate durability, a combination that can not be matched, giving you the smoothest and straightest surface finish. 303 Stainless steel is extremely high quality material that is both corrosion, and scratch resistant, which yields unequaled longevity.
Steady Port
DYE’s trademark muzzle port system, is another of the key features that gives DYE barrels unparalleled accuracy and such a low level sound signature. With so much performance and versatility engineered into the UL boomstick there is no wonder why it has been the preferred choice of top professionals for over a decade.
Two Peice Construction
Two piece alignment is a critical factor in a barrel’s true accuracy. The self-centering compound angled surfaces ensure proper back-to-tip mating by eliminating tolerance variations, and thread wear from the equation. With Two Piece Construction you will have confidence knowing that every back and tip combination in your kit will be as straight and true as a one-piece barrel design.


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